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In our initial interactions with the villagers of ‘Panchauli’, we realized the true potential of the children of the village. Even though they lacked the privilege and opportunities, the children were full of zeal and inquisitiveness. Recognizing education as an essential tool to bring a positive change, we started the project ‘DIKSHA Classes’ in Panchauli, Ranchi in 2013.

Through DIKSHA Classes we connect with the underprivileged children to help them with their academics. We also guide them to make informed academic and career decisions and mentor them as they blossom.


For effective interactions, in our classes, we segregate students based on their learning levels (their current knowledge of that subject) irrespective of their ages. This helps us provide customized learning to students suiting their understanding and pace. We conduct classes in English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects. To ensure the holistic growth of the children, we also conduct workshops on painting, music, dance and oration. Lastly, focused special classes are also organized to help children prepare for competitive examinations.

Over the past years, we have worked with more than 250 children across our four chapters. Our true accomplishment lies in helping the villagers acknowledge the importance of education for their children. Most of our students go to schools regularly, and their parents are willing to wholeheartedly support the quality education to their kids both emotionally and financially.



DIKSHA One on One Classes


With the objective to provide a personalized learning experience for our students, we have started ‘One on One Classes’. For these classes, we have picked our most sincere students and we have assigned a mentor for each child for each day. The classes are designed to closely monitor and hone the strengths of each child and to dedicatedly work on their overall growth.


DIKSHA Distant Learning

The COVID 19 pandemic forced the schools in and around Panchauli to shut their classes. The schools attended by most of our students were unable to provide education through online medium, and the ones that did also struggled to provide effective learning. The situation motivated us to start DIKSHA Distant Learning – a program to reach to our students during the lockdown from our homes and to provide them One on One Classes over a phone call or video call. While the initial sessions were focused on Covid-19 and safety measures, we have continued the classes to help the children with their academics in these testing times.

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