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Teaching our DIKSHA Classes students over the years, we were marvelled by the inquisitiveness and potential of our students. We also realized the importance of schools in their overall growth – schools that can provide a conducive environment and proficient teachers is must for the holistic development of the children. With this idea in mind, we started DRISTI Shining Star Scholarship and DRISTI Udaan Scholarship to support the parents in meeting the expenses of reputed schools of the region.


DRISTI Shining Star Scholarship

Through DRISTI Shining Star Scholarship program, five of our students receive an annual scholarship of Rs.6,000 each. The scholarship is a token of appreciation for their hard-work, aiding their families in bearing the expense of schooling.

These students have become role models for other children around, and their families hold the beacon of importance of education in the village.

DRISTI Udaan Scholarship

Through DRISTI Udaan Scholarship, we helped one of our students, Yogendra Bediya, to upgrade from a sub-standard village school to a reputed English medium CBSE school. With support from HOPE organization, we looked after Yogendra’s admission fee and we provide him with an annual scholarship of Rs.12,000 to cover the school fees. Yogendra aced in the admission test and is one of the toppers in his new school. His story has become a success for DRISTI and for his village.

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