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During the Menstrual Hygiene Campaigns, a lot of women we spoke to, presented their earnest will to develop some productive skills and start working as a small business unit. To extend support to them in their vision, DRISTI connected with various stakeholders and helped and started the maiden women upskilling and empowerment project on Food Processing Training. The team collaborated with Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Ranchi, to provide training to the women from Hombai and Panchauli villages. The training provided free of cost on topics like manufacturing, packaging and preserving of various food items available in the market.


30 women voluntarily enrolled in the program and started attending the sessions daily. Their relentlessness to learn and commitment to devote more than 12 hours per week in their busy schedules made our efforts worth. With the cooperation of the trainer, the women quickly grasped the skills of food processing over a period of 2 months.


After the conclusion of Food Processing Training, we aim to develop an independent and self-sustainable organization. We envision that organization to be entirely run by these women. The entire sales, procurement and planning will be handled by the women and we will impart necessary training for the same. With the provision of necessary raw materials, production area and a packaging unit, we wish to bring to them an opportunity of self-employment as a small-scale business. Upon acquiring the required licenses, we aim to launch the organization in the market with about 6 types of packed food items under their own brand. The products will mainly focus on the local markets which operate in and around Ranchi. The objective is to keep the business local while making products accessible and affordable to people residing in rural areas.

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