Our work cuts through different dimensions in various rural areas all through our chapters. We have certain well-defined pillars, as we like to say, to support to fulfill our dream of comprehensive development of the people residing in these areas.

The Pillars are as follows:


The majority of children in India are still deprived of fundamental right to education. To take initiative to change this ground reality is the call of the hour. DIKSHA – the elementary and most prominent pillar of DRISTI plays the role of a torchbearer for the underprivileged children to provide wings to their skills and imagination. The volunteers involve themselves wholeheartedly and ensure that the very essence of knowledge and education lingers with the children. 


DIKSHA focuses on ensuring regular tuitions to school going kids who seek little guidance in academics. To keep them on track and to check progress, subjective tests series – which are conducted on monthly basis, have also formed an integral part of the teaching process. Along with this, the students who face resource crisis and find difficult to afford books or study materials, are able to benefit from DRISTI Library – a small books section that we keep to help kids enrich their knowledge and take help from the texts. In the past, we have issued more than 150 books to students to help them follow up with studies in just the right direction.

PROJECTS: DRISTI Scholarship Project, DIKSHA Tuition Classes


Female autonomy continues to be limited throughout India, particularly dominant in remote rural areas. To battle inequity, DAMINI- the women empowerment wing under DRISTI, works to provide awareness on basic rights and inclusive livelihood training to rural women in need. The motive is to work consistently for and with the women hailing from backward societies and foster them towards a better life than what has been prevalent and unjust.


One of the major projects undertaken by the pillar is the Menstrual Hygiene Project - which has turned out to be a milestone for DAMINI. This has been followed by sessions on gender awareness, importance of good touch and bad touch and the essentials of healthy reproductive life in terms of diet and lifestyle.  We have been imparting steady education on the subject of menstruation and till date, we have reached about 400 elder women and young girls in our work course.

PROJECTS: Menstrual Hygiene Project, Food Processing Training


DISHA aims at providing people at village with the knowledge and awareness on vast categories of topics – ranging from fundamental rights and duties, ongoing government schemes for rural benefits, latest news, prevalent diseases and lifestyle adaptations. Topics to be presented are planned beforehand and made sure of their easy delivery and relevance.


DISHA is commonly known as Night Session, the reason being that it is conducted with the help of a projector set-up mostly after sunset  when all the members in village communities are home and can sit together to listen, discuss, understand the subjects brought forward by the volunteers.


With greater advancements covering every nook and corner of our life, a skill set in variety of field not only provides greater career opportunities but also keeps us head to head with the growing and developing world. The pillar DAKSHA focuses to remould the approach towards learning and prospering. When DRISTI was still blooming, computer classes were organised for students from nearby villages.


Today, workshops for art, music, dance and sports have become an intrinsic part of the pillar’s signature activities. For having developed deep-rooted relations with the people at the villages, we have been following a beautiful tradition of celebrating all major events and festivals with them.